Interior Design Trends of 2022

Interior Design Trends of 2022

Thursday Feb 17th, 2022


If you are thinking of doing some home renovations this year or just want to refresh your home's look, then some of these home décor trends might help inspire you. The predictions for what is going to be on trend this year in home design are leaning towards cozy comforts, sustainable choices, and making your spaces your own. There appear to be a lot of new trends coming in and a few trends that are on their way out.


On the Way-Out Interior Design Trends


First, let’s take a look at what is on the way-out in-home décor. This list might inspire you to take a look at your spaces and decide it’s time for a home makeover or it might help you decide what to stay clear of as you renovate or search for a new home.

  • Open floor plans –After a few years of needing to create separate spaces within an open concept home, people are avoiding the open concept design and looking towards more functional, divided spaces.
  • Fast furniture – With rooms seeing more multifunctional use, people are looking for more customizable, flexible furniture that can make living spaces more adaptive. This means the cheap, semi-quality pieces that you can build at home are losing popularity.
  • Open shelving – Kitchens have seen more use in the last two years and that meant people realized just how cluttered and messy the open shelf look is and how little storage capacity they offer when compared to cabinets.
  • Gray – For the last decade gray has been a popular colour choice, but this year it appears to be taking a step down in terms of colour palette.


2022 Interior Design Trends


After reading a great many interior design articles, I noticed a few reoccurring themes for this year’s interior design trends. I hope the following trends can help inspire your own home transformation.

  • Green - The colour consensus this year is green, now the shade of green is up for debate; the top choices of colour of the year are gray-green (Benjamin Moore), sage (Sherwin-Williams), and light olive green (Glidden). This coincides with the design trends of nature-inspired interiors, florals, and sustainable choices.
  • Nature-inspired interiors – After spending more time outdoors, people are wanting to create that outdoor feeling indoors. Bringing natural elements indoors through paint, fabric, natural materials being used in décor and live plants.
  • Florals –Florals are taking the interior design stage by storm, think wallpaper and fabrics. They are being added as an accent and bold conversation pieces.
  • Sustainable choices - The sustainable momentum is growing, and interior design has jumped on board. Repurpose old furniture, support local and buy responsibly sourced products.
  • Black accents – Black can really make things stand out. It is sleek and modern looking, plus it matches many colours. Making it an easy choice for accents.
  • Rounded softer shapes – Round shapes are making an appearance in furniture, lighting, and décor. Rounded shapes add softness to design and can give spaces a more soothing ambiance.
  • Cozy comforts - After the last 2 years, people are craving comfort, rejuvenation, and refreshment. Cozy textiles, subtle colours, and soft edges are going to make an appearance this year as people try and make their homes as comfortable as possible.
  • Wallpaper – anyone who thought wallpaper was on its way out, thought wrong. It is still having its time in the spotlight and is being used for pops of colour, creating texture and bringing that nature-inspired interior to life.
  • Textures & layers - The fashion world has seen an insurgence of textures and layers; the interior design world usually takes its cue from the world of fashion, so expect to see more layers to rooms this year. Printed wallpaper and different patterns will create decorative details and conversation starters.


I am excited to see which of these interior design trends are hits and which are a fading fad. Even if you are just refreshing a room hopefully you find inspiration in this year’s trends.

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