Top 4 Bathroom Renovations for The Best Return on Investment

Top 4 Bathroom Renovations for The Best Return on Investment

Friday Nov 19th, 2021


Top 4 Bathroom Renovations for The Best Return on Investment

One of the top ways to increase the value of your home is to improve the bathroom. The best part is a full renovation is not necessary to reap the benefits of a bathroom remodel. Nothing turns away a buyer faster than a dreary, outdated master suite. On the other side of that, a functional, bright, modern bathroom can be a huge selling feature. Whether you are prepping your home to put on the market, or just making home improvements, a bathroom remodel is a sound investment. Keep reading for the top four most profitable bathroom projects.


Update the Backsplash

A backsplash update can be as complex as your budget allows for. The backsplash can redefine a room, brighten up the space, make it more modern looking and add style. If you are trying to appeal to the masses; choose a classic & versatile backsplash. But to attain that wow factor; choose bolds colours, mixed materials, natural stone, or unique mosaics. Updating the tiling in the shower can refresh your bathroom.


Flooring Update

A new floor can add a much-needed update to any room. If you decide to make your bathroom a priority, ensure you pick a floor that does not date the room. Go with standard size and neutral styles. Choose a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. The best flooring types are more than just functional, they add style and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. When choosing the best flooring material for your bathroom renovation keep in mind that you will want it to remain waterproof, slip-resistant and it should complement the décor in the rest of the home.


A new countertop can add durability too and give your vanity a high-end feel. Bathroom vanity countertops are 70% personal taste and 30% space requirements. There are several options for bathroom countertops: granite, quartz, marble and even porcelain. Each material offers assorted styles and colours to choose from.

Universal Design

Accessibility modifications can be an important selling feature for some buyers. Universal design aims to incorporate design features that are all-inclusive and factor in age, size and physical ability. Think zero entry showers (curbless showers), they have no threshold and are ideal for people with limited mobility, the elderly, and kids. Recessed storage options are a non-intrusive avenue for bathroom storage needs.

Other Renovations Ideas to Leave a Lasting Bathroom Impression

  • In-floor heating
  • Shower shelves
  • Bathroom storage – think recessed alcoves or go vertical with shelving
  • Updated mirrors
  • Updated shower
  • Dual sinks
  • Different types of doors add a unique feel to the room
  • Vanity Swap (consider counter space and storage)
  • Extra GFI plugs in the bathroom

Top Bathroom Trends of 2021

  • Floating vanities
  • Large-format wall tiles
  • Wainscotting for a fresh, timeless look
  • Space-saving soaking tubs
  • Warm colours & durable paint (think vibrant & warm colour palette)
  • Quartz countertops
  • Smart toilets
  • Wood-look tile flooring
  • Heated floors
  • Under vanity soft motion lighting

Walking into a beautiful bathroom is a wonderful way to start and end your day. Potential buyers walk into an outdated and old bathroom and see renovations in their future. This can either turn the buyer off completely from your home or demand a hefty price reduction. Let me help you decide how to best maximize your renovation budget and make a fabulous first impression on buyers.


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